Ode to Journalism 2.0

November 14, 2014 at 4:31 pm

This group poem was written by participants in Susan Turner Jones’ “No Guts, No Glory” session during the National High School Journalism Convention in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Nov. 8. Editing liberties were taken only with the order and transitions from submissions from about 50 students and a few advisers.

Susan Turner Jones, adviser, with editing assistance from Editors Sara Cordoba (’15) and Jordan Aronson (’16), Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California.

Ode to Journalism 2.0

I have seen the ugly carpet,

and now I know it’s really about the chandeliers in the lobby.

Oh I have seen waterfalls of tears.

I have heard 3 AM Shenanigans outside my door,

and now I know how my parents feel every night.

I have seen people pushing by

And not enjoying life —

I’ve learned now why it is called the human race.


I have seen the shiny silver tracks

And now I know how far under the city can go.

I have heard screams. Now I know fear.

I have smelled D.C. and now I know pain.

I have smelled the wafting stench of the incoming metro train.

Now I know what true repulsion is.


I have heard complaining

Now I know society’s social norm

I have heard fear

Now I know doubt.

I have seen a washed up magazine in the bathroom toilet.

And now I know I will always be surprised.


I have heard your conversation. Now I know I don’t want my own.


I have heard the untold stories of those passer-bys in Ferguson.

Now I know the stories I need to tell myself.

I have heard that I can do something risky.

Now I know that’s the only way to get the answers.

I have seen the apathy of the masses

And now I know that my passion for poetry must burn that much hotter.


And yet, I have seen faces from all over this nation,

have heard the hands of 6,000 enthusiastic students in appreciation.

And now I know the power of the masses.

I have seen teenagers, I have seen brightness in the minds of the youth.

Now I know the future —

That next year’s leaders are in this room.

I have seen the future.

Now I know it is full of warmth, art, and authenticity.

I have seen people, the variety of people who have one thing in common… Now I know humanity.

—Now I know we are not all that different.

I have heard many stories of people from all over the country.

Now I know we all have stories that we’re too scared to show.

I have seen memories being made,

And now I know that I must make some myself.

I have seen your eyes light up at the mention of a publication.

Now I know what it means to be prideful.

I have seen the National Press Club.

Now I know where big journalists have taken notes like I did Friday.

I have seen great speakers. Now I know that I can make a difference.

And I have seen passion in the eyes of a reporter; Now I know love.


I have seen and heard many teenage girls here.

Now I know women are being blocked at the high end of the media outlets.

I have seen hard work pay off.

I have seen feminism on the news. Now I know how powerful it is.

Now I know you have to work hard.

I have seen the feminist movement.

Now I know it is not a myth fabricated by    the internet.

I have seen feminists. And now I know that I am not alone.

I have heard young students talk. Now I know journalism is still alive. I have heard wisdom. Now I know that as a student journalist I can affect change.

I have seen passion and now I know this generation will create change and promote love. I have seen enthusiasm and Now I know to love it.

I have heard the passions behind aspirations in pursuit….And now I know I’m not alone.

I have heard the sharing of knowledge and now I know that possibilities are endless.

I have heard the voices of a professional.

I have seen a large group of people joining together bonding over their love for journalism. Now I know that this community I am part of is bigger and more magical then I could have ever imagined.


Now I know I can become anything I aspire to be.


I have seen anonymous poetic justice.

Now I know that unison is a gateway to brute force.


I have heard impassioned voices.

I have seen my true self

I have heard my true voice

Now I know how to raise my own voice.


I have smelled the bubbling of stories waiting to come undone.

Now I know my heart lies in the ridge of an uncapped pen. And I have heard the secrets to unleashing your inner story. Now I know that we all can have    those blow-you-away moments that make a word your own.

I have seen the movements of a fast moving pen.

Now I know the way of a true writer.

I have seen people who have the same disease crawling in me,

And I know I will find refuge within their words.

I have seen those who pass through the underground torpedo, through dingy windows and poorly lit enclosures. Now I know everyone has a story, someone to go home to, somewhere to be, somewhere to experience. I have smelled fresh, cool, crisp energy rising from my gut.


Now I know my revolution.