Issue Seminars

Issue Seminars are free and designed to gather the resources necessary for students to be more successful reporters. Students interact with experts who provide different perspectives and spend time developing strategies to localize the issues, using the information shared.

Covering Religion
9–10:50 a.m. Friday
Religion is one of the most sensitive topics in our society. How do journalists remain unbiased in their coverage of faith? Geared specifically toward covering an issue that is often swept under the rug in public schools, a panel of D.C.-area experts, including journalists, policymakers and education professionals, will provide perspective and tips on covering religion in scholastic publications and affording the topic the space, respect and balance it requires.

Featuring Prominent Student Athletes
9–10:50 a.m. Saturday
As high school sports are gaining increased media attention, so are prominent high school athletes. Elite athletes play in nationally broadcasted events such as the Under Armour All-America football and McDonald’s All-American basketball games, travel hundreds of miles visiting colleges, sift through dozens of interest letters, and deal with the exhilarating and sometimes exhausting role of big person on campus. In this seminar, learn through the experiences of a multimedia team of reporters, a coach, a player and family members about the highs and lows of gaining the national spotlight. This seminar will provide scholastic journalists insight into covering these athletes.

Student Media Rights
1–3:20 p.m. Saturday
Matters dealing with the freedom of expression demand that advisers and editors know what is within students’ rights and what isn’t. Panelists will discuss the implications of the First Amendment in today’s student media. How much control can a principal exert in states governed by Hazelwood, and how much freedom does the student media have in the Tinker states? From crafting staff editorial policies and providing guidelines for principals to changing local and state laws, students will learn how to be advocates for their rights.